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The Thrills of Travel

Fresh-faced and free is how I feel right now. The crisp cold of Amsterdam’s autumn air lingers on my skin, but my heart is still paced to the pedals of my bicycle.

It’s been one of those magical travel days; you know, the ones that exceed your expectations with a serve of serendipitous delight? Happily, I’ve enjoyed quite a few of those during this trip already.

Having planned this five week European adventure in far more detail than any previous jaunt, I was a little concerned that I’d organised myself away from those wonderful travel surprises. As much as I love to search for the latest city hot spot, for that fabled local gem, the part of travelling that thrills me the most is the unknown possibilities: the aimless adventure; the unexpected experience; the wandering that feeds the wanderlust.

So here I am, two weeks in, and only just now sitting down to tell you about how lovely travelling has been in the moments when I’ve somehow balanced research and spontaneity.  Here a just a few of my favourites.

Coffee in Paris

Paris was the first stop and a flurry of big-city happenings. In among all the plotting and metro-hopping, there was a sunny morning of accidental market delight, after stumbling into a produce market I’d thought would be held on another day. Naturally, a lot of happy purchasing of cheeses and terrines and fresh summer fruits followed, as did a delicious Parisian picnic.

Republique market Paris Rue de Lenoir

In Stockholm, a quick tip from a local friend over coffee led me to the cool, calm Djurgȧrden, where fat bumble bees buzzed in rainbow flower beds.

Stockholm Djurgarden flower and bee

Just two days ago in Copenhagen, getting a little lost while cycling cobbled streets led us to Assistens Cemetery, where paper daisies dot freshly cut lawns and the graves of Danish heroes, Hans Christian Andersen and Soren Kierkegaard, are surrounded by park-loving locals basking in the last of the season’s sun.

Copenhagen Denmark Assistens Cemetery bicycle

As I cycled around Amsterdam today, the surprises seemed to greet me at every turn. There was the amusing hoverboard display in a canal, before the Amsterdam City Swim; the dozens of cyclists carrying bunches of bright yellow sunflowers through the dreary rain; and the moment that I (again) became a tad disoriented and found myself in the stunning Vondelpark,  amidst a free Latin food and music festival.

Vondelpark Amsterdam Netherlands in sun

So here’s to the unexpected delights in life. Stay tuned, I’ve got lots of stories to come. You can also share my delightful travel moments via Instagram @nicfreemanlife.


5 comments on “The Thrills of Travel

  1. AccountKiller
    September 7, 2015

    Good to see that you’re on the road again, enticing us with beautiful photos and descriptions.

    • Nic Freeman
      September 7, 2015

      Thanks! It’s nice to be on the road again. Good to have you along for the journey. Nic

  2. lexklein
    September 8, 2015

    Great little post on that fine little line that I like to try to tread, too. I’m a planner by nature, but it is so often the impromptu delights that make the best adventures and memories.

  3. Jodie Powderly
    September 9, 2015

    Keep the unexpected moments coming. I loved reading you blog post. It was beautiful. J

    • Nic Freeman
      September 13, 2015

      Thanks J! There’s lots more to come, it’s just trickling at the moment as I spend so much time out and about adventuring 🙂

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