A day in the life of a train traveller…

I watched the sun rise over Prague this morning as I made my way by taxi to the central train station. The gold orb ascended into purple sky over mist shrouded gothic spires that  reflected in the Vltava River. It was one of those unexpected and unconditionally perfect moments that travellers hope for. The restContinue reading “A day in the life of a train traveller…”

10 Things I learnt in Prague

While the Australian tongue is not very well equipped for Eastern European languages, I have learnt it is best just to give it all you’ve got when trying to communicate in Czech. This is a fun challenge: ‘a’ sounds like ‘ya’;‘kh’ sounds like ‘chi’; ‘ow’ sounds like ‘au’ and there are a lot of ‘z’sContinue reading “10 Things I learnt in Prague”

Travel Mode – Czech

My cheeks are flushed from the cool Prague air and the taste of eggnog ice cream still lingers on my tongue as we walk ‘home’ from Kobylisy metro. My body is tired after walking the cobbled, crowed streets for two days. My head is full and relaxed and my senses are awake. I’ve finally settledContinue reading “Travel Mode – Czech”

Lost in the land of Prague

After my awe inspiring train trip into the Czech Republic yesterday, I commenced a crash course in finding my way in Prague. First there was finding which of the three queues for ‘international tickets’ was the right line to actually reserve an international ticket (turns out third time is lucky). Then there was finding aContinue reading “Lost in the land of Prague”

This is what wonder feels like

It seems the world is much more romantic when viewed through a train window. As I ride from Berlin to Prague, I am overcome with a warm, fuzzy kind of happiness. My heart skips with excitement and wonder as I look upon lush green fields adorned with sunshine-yellow dandelions; eminent rows of wind turbines; uniformedContinue reading “This is what wonder feels like”