Jordanian Adventures

Adventures take you by surprise, challenge you, inspire you and teach you something about yourself and the world. I love this aspect of travelling; I love that each day shows me something new and exciting. I am dizzy thinking back at the the adventures I’ve had in the past week. From the Syria-Jordan border, I … More Jordanian Adventures

Farewell Syria

Although I have only had a week in Syria, the country has made quite an impression on me. Kind people, magnificently old ruins, rich foods, deep traditions and desert sands that stun the soul… Finding the time to see all that Syria has to offer has been a challenge. From a leisurely start in Aleppo’s … More Farewell Syria

The Sands of Palmyra

Nothing quite compares to sitting at the top of a second century Greco-Roman amphitheatre in the middle of the Syrian desert with only the hot wind and red sands for company. It was in this moment that I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my travel experiences. At times I still find myself a little surprised … More The Sands of Palmyra

Learning Through The People Of Syria

Every new country presents a new set of customs, cultural understandings and practical circumstances. Learning a country – the people, the values, the plumbing – is one of the things I love most about travelling. There is something inherently thrilling about saying ‘thank you’ or ‘hello’ in a foreign language (and being understood) or figuring … More Learning Through The People Of Syria

Exploring Taksim

The day after I post my jeans and jumpers home, the temperature in Istanbul drops from 35 to 20 degrees Celsius. But that is okay, the cool air has been a welcomed change and a popular topic of conversation between strangers on the street. Today has been a day of welcomed surprises. This morning I … More Exploring Taksim