Nic Freeman Travel

When you need a dose of nature

Craving that wild, fresh-faced feeling that’s unique to a nature escape?

Australia, you beauty!

From tropical rainforests and azure beaches to red-hot sand dunes and vibrant wildflowers, there’s a beautiful place to see every week of the year, and then a whole lot more.

Global travel that rocked my world

As a traveller at heart, I have a long list of highlights to feel grateful for.

It’s time to live

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

– Confucius

Let the past inspire the future

Looking for the travel inspo to help you get back out there? Dig into my travel archive for a peek of the world (and me) back then.


For cobblestones, alleys, street art, and markets.


For exotic ingredients, incense-filled shrines and vibrant colour.

Middle East

For sweet tea, rich tapestries and epic architecture.

It’s always fun to meet people on the road.

Connect for more adventures

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