The 2012 Travel Itinerary: Choosing From a World of Adventures

‘Which ones can we cross off the list then?’ he asked with sincere concern. We had been negotiating with nations (I’ll give you Malta for Slovenia and raise you Bulgaria). But suddenly I realised how unrealistic I was being; perhaps we couldn’t see all the places in Europe… Sure, nine months of travelling seems likeContinue reading “The 2012 Travel Itinerary: Choosing From a World of Adventures”

Another adventure in the planning

Oh, I have good news my friends! I’m dusting off my keyboard, brushing up my online bargain hunting skills and getting ready to launch into the comprehensive investigation, planning and plotting of another international adventure. Hurrah. But, before I get carried away in my pre-planning euphoria, I would just like to acknowledge that yes, it’sContinue reading “Another adventure in the planning”