Hello Berlin. Will you be my friend?

Well, after three transfers, five hot towels, six movies, thirty hours and one taxi, I’ve arrived in Berlin.

The nightscape resembles that of any modern city and, with the exception of cars on the opposite side of the road, strangely spelt words and heavy accents, I feel like I could have travelled all this way to visit another Australian city.

I expected more immediately noticeable difference; like my experiences in Asia I suppose. But rather than walking into extreme temperatures, foreign languages, swarms of people with strange mannerisms, I arrived to a quiet, calm, 18 degrees Celsius city where everyone speaks English. Although, I have to say, my shower experience was close to culture shock: push tabs, pull levers, twist coloured markers and still stone cold.

Oh well. I am tired and safe and in a warm dorm bed trying to ignore jet lag. Tomorrow, I will make friends with Berlin.


Published by Nic Freeman

I feel most like myself when I'm travelling, and enjoy sharing experiences and photography with fellow globe adventurers. Find me on Instagram for regular travel snaps @nicfreemanlife

4 thoughts on “Hello Berlin. Will you be my friend?

    1. Matt, years later, while re-formatting my old posts, I’ve come across your comment. Sorry for not replying two or so years ago! And thank you for keeping me in such wonderful blog company! I can only dream and work towards meeting such an inspriationally high standard some day.

      It means a lot to have friends and family supporting me and my strange little travel stories. Much love. Nic

    1. Lil man – reading back over my first impressions of Berlin, I am all the more glad for making the effort to return this year, with you and the Dave. Thanks for sharing a great German breakfast with me! Nic

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