Berlin in a picture

My eyes are full after a day of exploring the grungier side of Berlin. The streets are alive with the colours of protest, expression and passion, as art dances across almost every wall and gives the city a wild, outspoken character.P1080391

Berlin street art

The theme of Berlin’s street art seems to be socialist vs. capitalist, which is quite apt considering the two social models once sat side by side. The art supports community, honesty and artistry while denouncing ultra-capitalism and the popular culture that threatens the social integrity of the city.



Berlin street artWhile Berlin’s street art is evident to even the most bubble-minded tourist, the social connotations of some art is not always obvious to an outsider.

But thanks the Berlin Alternative Tour, which walks through the city and to the East Side Gallery (the longest remaining section of the Berlin wall covered in street art) I have a lot more insight into the street art and squatting culture that gives Berlin such an honest and colourful character.





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