Homesick By The Seaside

So it’s day thirteen of the overseas adventure and my initial burst of wanderlust is waning under physical exhaustion and the logistics of solo travel. After a rough night sleep (the mattress actually had protruding springs that I had to cover with a towel), I have my first serious dose of homesickness and am fighting the urge to mope.

A few days ago in Dubrovnik I began to feel a niggle of loneliness, but managed to starve it with my usual pick-me-up program: ice-cream, reading, staring into the ocean, shopping, running and soaking in hot water. Nothing like a bit of indulgence to distract the lonely heart.

To combat ‘the mope’ this morning,  I allowed myself the first sleep-in of the trip (8am) and had an affogato for breakfast (undoubtedly the best non-alcoholic beverage to inspire enthusiasm) while sitting on the seaside promenade at Split.

Smells of the salty sea, lavender and rosemary gardens and cafe smokers waft through the crowd of fresh ferry arrivals. The sun is shining. People are smiling. The water is glistening in that irresistible ‘come-float-in-me’ kind of way. So I refuse to mope.

Today I plan to wander through the Dalmatian Palace that dominates Split’s Old Town (built as a summer house for Dalmatian royals) and rent a bicycle to explore the beach coves to the East of Split. By 6pm I will be on a bus to the airport to catch a flight to Zagreb.


Published by Nic Freeman

I feel most like myself when I'm travelling, and enjoy sharing experiences and photography with fellow globe adventurers. Find me on Instagram for regular travel snaps @nicfreemanlife

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