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Little things that make you smile: a photo essay on life around Brisbane

I was once told that gratitude for the things that make you smile is the best way to sustain happiness. 

This seemed like good advice to me. Why not be grateful? A smile can change your whole attitude in one small flick of the lips.

The best thing about smiling though is the affect it has on the people around you. One minute you are a stressed, flustered mess scrambling to catch a train, and then, with a smile from a stranger, you can be whistling like Mary Poppins and thinking how beautifully blue the sky is today.

In honour of the ever-potent smile, I have compiled a photographic tribute to some of the little things around Brisbane that have made me smile of the past couple of weeks.

They are as simple as a busker at Brisbane Central Station who made me feel like skipping (thank you Mr Busker) and a surprise sundae-looking delight that was delivered when I ordered an ‘iced coffee’ at Flamingo Cafe in Fortitude Valley.

Brisbane Central Station buskerBubbles in Chinatown BrisbaneIced coffee at Flamingo, Fortitude ValleyMilton Train StationA clean sink. Photo by Nic FreemanMail! Photo by Nic FreemanGreen fresh grass. Photo by Nic FreemanFirst Jasmine flowers. Photo by Nic FreemanFriday evening on Gold Coast. Photo by Nic Freeman

Chinatown Brisbane. Photo by Nic Freeman

Afternoon windows. Photo by Nic FreemanStrawberries from market. Photo by Nic FreemanBunker Choc Shot YUM. Photo by Nic FreemanWest End Markets. Photo by Nic FreemanCrisp typewriter keys. Photo by Nic FreemanI dreamed I was alive. Surrealism Expo, GOMA. By Nic FreemanThe simple joy of a pinwheel. Photo by Nic FreemanTibetan prayer flags. Photo by Nic Freeman

Clothes on a fence. Photo by Nic FreemanLong Black at One Drop Cafe. Photo by Nic FreemanMilton tennis graffitiLunchtime in Anzac Square, Brisbane CBD. By Nic FreemanFresh market produce. Photo by Nic FreemanQUT Botanical Gardens. Photo by Nic FreemanMarket eggs. Photo by Nic FreemanBalloons at dawn. Photo by Nic FreemanPut the kettle on. Photo by Nic FreemanOne Drop Cafe - the study retreat. Photo by Nic FreemanWednesday lunch. GF Pumpkin bread with falafel & salad. Photo by Nic Freeman

Friday afternoon in Fortitude Valley. Photo by Nic Freeman

Crispy crunchy leaves in the Botanical Gardens. Photo by Nic Freeman


7 comments on “Little things that make you smile: a photo essay on life around Brisbane

  1. Alecia
    August 22, 2011

    I love that the chook hat lady from the markets got a look in 🙂

    • Nic Freeman
      August 22, 2011

      Thanks Alecia. That hat is pure gold- definitely worth a grin!

  2. Haiku bear
    August 24, 2011

    There’s a guy that wears one at the west end markets too. It always makes me smile, and guffaw. Fantastic shots! Anzac square looks amazing.

    • Nic Freeman
      August 25, 2011

      Hi Haiku Bear, the the chook hat lady is also from West End / Davies Park Markets. The loud choot hat guy wasn’t there that day. Thanks for reading!

  3. Mary Clarke
    August 29, 2011

    Great shots Nic made my day

    • Nic Freeman
      September 5, 2011

      Thanks Mary! Glad I could inspire a little happiness. Thanks for reading!!

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