A photo walk through Brisbane, Australia

I love that, even after three years of actively exploring this city, I am still finding delights during my daily wanderings.

With only five weeks left before lift off for my big 2012 travel adventure, I have been taking extra care to look around as I walk through Brisbane. This week I’ve been taking photos of the things I enjoy to help remember the walls and trees and streets of this lovely city.

Lane off Turbot St BrisbaneGeorge St BrisbaneTank St BrisbaneTurbot St BrisbaneGeorge St BrisbaneFrom Cultural Centre precinct BrisbaneFrom Kurilpa Bridge BrisbaneGOMA BrisbaneFrom Cultural Centre precinct BrisbanGeorge St BrisbaneState Library BrisbaneHotel BrisVagas GOMA BrisbaneQueensland State Library BrisbaneVictoria Bridge BrisbaneCultural Centre precinct BrisbaneBrisbane's Roma St Parklands have lilliesGeorge St BrisbanePaul's brick wall BrisbanePicture frames King Edward Park BrisbaneA vampire on Milton Road BrisbaneThe old windmill BrisbaneGoma windmills BrisbanePurple Brisbane South BankShare the path BrisbaneP1150363P1150359CBD chruch BrisbaneQueen Street bloom BrisbaneRed bench King Edward Park BrisbaneRiding under Jolly BrisbaneWater and bamboo in Brisbane Roma St ParklandsSunny palm BrisbaneBrisbane City LightsRed petals near Kurrilpa Bridge Brisbane

If you’re looking at doing a photo walk of your own, some great places to start are:

  • Roma Street Parklands
  • South Bank and the Cultural Centre precinct
  • City Botanical Gardens
  • Ann Street for churches
  • George Street (Roma Street end) for  a bit of street art, backpacker vibe and pub patrons.

But of course, the possibilities are endless and it’s always more fun when you stumble across the unexpected delights while trying to find your way.

Also, today I realised that Council is hosting $2 photo walks with photography tips over the next few Thursday evenings. What a great way to see Brisbane and learn a bit about photography.

I have yet to do it, but there is also a Heritage Trail around the Brisbane CBD, marked out with brass plates in the pavement – this would be a great way to get to know the city sights and find some great photo subjects.


Published by Nic Freeman

I feel most like myself when I'm travelling, and enjoy sharing experiences and photography with fellow globe adventurers. Find me on Instagram for regular travel snaps @nicfreemanlife

11 thoughts on “A photo walk through Brisbane, Australia

  1. Hello! As a born and bred Brisbane girl I love Brisbane! Way too often I hear people say how much they dislike living in here…but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It’s so refreshing to see you enjoying this city and making to most of it’s beauty! Love your photos – they’re fantastic!

    1. Hey Rebecca, thanks for reading. I have the same debate often. Sometimes I wonder if it just comes from those who have lived here growing up and have never taken the time to actively explore Brisbane. As a relatively new resident, I am passionate about what Brisbane has to offer….but glad to hear you love it. In my first 6 months here I knew no-one and spent my weekends on the citycats, in the museums, in the parks and fell in love with the place. I will miss it next year, even though I will be living my dream of months in Europe.

    1. Hey Tony, glad you enjoyed them. Sometimes I feel my eyes are not enough to witness/ capture the lovely things around this city. I haven’t explored Caboolture as much as I would like. Any tips?

  2. Hey Nic!

    Lovely set of pics. You have caught some wonderful glimpses of this city, and as I (like you) prepare to depart, it really is great to stop and look at this place and appreciate all that it has going on.

    1. Thanks Imogen! I think it’s important to stop and appreciate the loveliness around us before we go somewhere else to do the same thing. It is a little like a slow sweet goodbye though.

  3. When I visited Australia (from NY), I saw only Melbourne and Sydney, and preferred Melbourne.

    What’s impressive is your sense of adventure and curiosity; almost every place has lots to see and appreciate, but you need the eye and heart to find it.

    1. Thanks BSB – I really do try to apply a curious heart to everything in life and find that approach always serves me well. I prefer Melbourne over Sydney too – more interesting quirks and less pushy people. You should check out Brisbane if you go back to Aus. It’s got the culture of Melbourne – arts, cafes, boutique shopping, music – but is smaller, warmer and much more laid back.

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