Travel. Food. Photo. Spain. (Pt.2)

Yesterday was the last day of my six week Spanish adventure, during which I saw a lot of the country, learnt a little of the language and ate lots of delicious food.

Starting in lovely Barcelona, I then walked from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino de Santiago, Camino Frances. I cycled the San Sebastian coast, got lost in the vibrant streets of Granada and sun bathed at La Herradurra on the Mediterranean Sea. I walked the historical mountain town of Ronda and stopped briefly in Cordoba, before making my way across to Tangier in Morocco. While I still have lots of stories to tell about my Spanish adventures (so stay tuned), I thought I would farewell fair Spain with part two of Travel. Food. Photo. Spain.

Part one featured the dishes I found in Barcelona and along the Camino, through the regions of Catalonia, Navarra, Basque Country, La Rioja and Castilla y Leon.  For part two of my Spanish food photography obsession, I’ve included dishes from the region of Galacia, at the end of the Camino, as well as Andalusia, in the far south of Spain.

Vegetable gardens along the Camino de Santiago, near Sarria, Spain

Galacia is well known for its wonderful seafood dishes, especially octopus, and its stews made with beans and vegetables. The bread there is baked dense and crusty. The octopus is served tender and marinated. The provincial vegetable gardens are large, lush and prosperous, meaning local cafes are well stocked with fresh ingredients.

Octopus tapas, Spain foodCheese tapas, Spain foodSpanish tortilla of egg and potato, Spain foodTapas of nuts and olives, Spain food

Think whole tortillas to share with friends, tapas of olives and nuts, and soft cheese served cubed and rich.

Churros, Spain foodP1260389

Indulge with churros dipped in dark chocolate sauce, and cheap, quality wine sipped at bar breaks throughout the day.

Tostata raciones - tuna on toast - Spain foodP1260623Lentil soup, raciones  Spain food

Feast on tostadas with cheese and tuna, juicy red grapes, sweet nectarines, handmade ravioli and lentil soup.

Ravioli, Spain food

Try potato crisps served with your meaty main and pickled peppers as a common side.

Lamb and potato chips, Spain foodLamb potato and peppers , Spain foodPasta, wine, chocolate and grapes - Spain foodLasagne and white wine -  Spain foodWhite chocolate drink, te and cafe

Love the way food is eaten with love, served with care and respected with friends and family.

Peppers, anchovies and olives - tapas -  Spain foodLa cuenta por favour - the bill please - Spain food

The Andalusian region serves food influenced by its Mediterranean and African neighbours, with fresh seafood, couscous and oriental spices increasingly featured as you follow the east coast towards Morocco.

jamon tostatas and olives  - tapas - Spain

Think gespacho  and jamon serrano served on toast, salmon with capers, and olives from nearby groves.

Salmon and capers,  tostatas  - tapas - Spain AndalusiaOlives and pollo - Spain AndalusiaMushroom omelette - Spain Andalusia

Snack on marinated mushrooms, prawn and asparagus omelettes, and freshly-caught sardines that you bite straight from the spine.Fresh sardines BBQ on the Mediterranean  - Spain Andalusia

Indulge in fruity red sangria, mint packed mojitos, icy white wine and bubbles by the beach.

Vino blanco - Spain AndalusiaAsparagus omelette -  Spain Andalusia

Be surprised by the sudden appearance of south-Asian takeaway restaurants – Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Asian restaurants and takeaway in Spain Andalusia

Feast on seafood dressed in citrus, sprinkled with garlic, laced with parsley, coated with tempura.

Seafood on the Mediterranean - Spain AndalusiaCalamari & mussels - Seafood on the Mediterranean - Spain AndalusiaLittle red mullet- Seafood on the Mediterranean - Spain Andalusia


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  1. well nic you always make me hungry, looks wonderful. Defineately going to expirence for myself one day. thanks xx

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