A Photo Walk in Berlin

Berlin title as part of street art at East Side gallery

Gritty and colourful, sweet and rough, the streets of Berlin offer many curiosities for the aimless wanderer to consider. Whether it’s the street art that Germany’s creative capital is so famous for, the charming blossoms that dress cafe table tops, or the grand monuments that represent a rich and dark history, there is no doubting that a photo walk in Berlin will offer too many visual delights to capture.

My first Berlin experience was back in 2010. It was the first city I saw in Europe, my first encounter with the hypnotic and complex European history, and my first love affair (of many)with an international city. After two years of dreaming about Berlin (and wondering if it was nothing but a magical urban mirage in the haze of my first European adventure), I was positively chuffed to find Berlin was better than I remembered when I returned for a week last September.

Here are but a few of the sights that occupied my eyes during a week of walking Berlin’s streets.





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14 thoughts on “A Photo Walk in Berlin

    1. Hey Daniel,
      Cheers – appreciate the support!
      I think it was during a post-dinner stroll in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg somewhere. We stayed in Köpenicker Straße and I shot that on the way home.

  1. I was in Berlin this time of year a couple of years ago. “Gritty” is a great word for it. I remember the pebbly gravel on the sidewalks used in place of salt. Fascinating city. Never seen one that loves graffiti more.

    1. It is a fascinating city – that is a wonderful way to put it! I loved the details there – like the grit underfoot, the downpipes wrapped in knitted socks, the chaotic stacks of bikes outside cafes and yes… the graffiti everywhere – so expressive.

      Thanks for reading Marney!

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for commenting. I love it when the internet offers up these serendipitous little connections.

      I enjoyed browsing your site. The course looks wonderful and makes me feel the need to rush back to Berlin to spend my days photographing, writing and learning.

      You may also be interested in my latest Berlin post:

      All the best with future Berlin adventures.


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