Oh Brisbane, you light me up

I have a funny kind of excitement bubbling under my skin this afternoon.

There are lots of things to be excited about. It’s Friday. The Brisbane Festival starts this weekend. Brisbane Riverfire  is on Saturday. I will be seeing friends and art and music this weekend. And…. to top it all off, my words are printed onto pavers in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall as part of the Together Brisbane expo. Hurrah!

My blurb in the Together Brisbane expo, Queen Street Mall Brisbane

So, keeping in theme with Riverfire and my little contribution to the Together Brisbane expo, I thought I would do a quick post about the lights of Brisbane.

When I think of Brisbane, I think of the lights; the character of the City. Brisbane lights make the evening observer swoon, as does any well lit cityscape, but they also sing personality as they illuminate commuters, party-goers, runners, night-quiet high rises and historical landmarks.

With the Brisbane River weaving through the CBD and out into the far-reaching suburbs, lights bounce and skip, flick and flare across the water for kilometres. While often accused of complicating the skyline, I love the way the Brisbane Wheel stands as the tall white centre piece of South Bank, and how the Treasury Casino flits between blue, red, green, purple… I love the once-offensive, but now comforting, Kurrilpa Bridge with it’s coloured pulsing beams hovering above the black river. And most of all, I love the sleek pale stretch of the Victoria Bridge; a beam of light connecting the city.

So here’s to Brisbane, lighting me up at the end of a long work day, just by being beautiful.

Brisbane River from New Farm Park. Photo by Dave Clarkey

Milton Road and the Go Between at peak hour. Photo by Nic Freeman

Mini Eiffel Tower at Rue de Paris, Park Rd Mitlon. Photo by Nic FreemanBrisbane CBD for the Go Between. Photo by Nic Freeman


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