Travel. Food. Photo. Berlin.

Eclectic like its culture, full of flavour like its people, I found the food of Berlin bloomed from a welcomed suite of cuisines at joyfully affordable prices. As I mentioned in my A Week In Berlin post, I was happy to be greeted with the multicultural spectrum the tastebuds in Germany’s creative capital. Unlike otherContinue reading “Travel. Food. Photo. Berlin.”

A Week In Berlin: Exploring Germany’s Creative Capital

The mere mention of Berlin is often enough to conjure thoughts of street art, underground music and offbeat urban adventures. Such associations fit quite nicely with my concept of the ideal city, so I made my way back to Berlin in September to emerge myself in the creative city for a second time. I cameContinue reading “A Week In Berlin: Exploring Germany’s Creative Capital”

A Photo Walk in Berlin

Gritty and colourful, sweet and rough, the streets of Berlin offer many curiosities for the aimless wanderer to consider. Whether it’s the street art that Germany’s creative capital is so famous for, the charming blossoms that dress cafe table tops, or the grand monuments that represent a rich and dark history, there is no doubtingContinue reading “A Photo Walk in Berlin”

The place for personal space

Sitting on platform three waiting for the train I realise I’m craving some green wilderness. Give me a forest, a park, a garden…. I have a sudden want to be amongst cool green stillness. Not today though. Instead I sit on platform three and ponder the relationship between person and place. How do people changeContinue reading “The place for personal space”

This is what wonder feels like

It seems the world is much more romantic when viewed through a train window. As I ride from Berlin to Prague, I am overcome with a warm, fuzzy kind of happiness. My heart skips with excitement and wonder as I look upon lush green fields adorned with sunshine-yellow dandelions; eminent rows of wind turbines; uniformedContinue reading “This is what wonder feels like”

Berlin in a picture

My eyes are full after a day of exploring the grungier side of Berlin. The streets are alive with the colours of protest, expression and passion, as art dances across almost every wall and gives the city a wild, outspoken character. The theme of Berlin’s street art seems to be socialist vs. capitalist, which isContinue reading “Berlin in a picture”

Symbols of Turmoil and Tolerance

Day one in Berlin, I thought it fitting to tour some of Berlin’s many symbols on the free (with tips) Berlin Walking Tour. Approximately three hours with an English-speaking guide, the tour did a quick round of the major city highlights and opened my eyes to many of the serious stories Berlin has to tell.Continue reading “Symbols of Turmoil and Tolerance”

Hello Berlin. Will you be my friend?

Well, after three transfers, five hot towels, six movies, thirty hours and one taxi, I’ve arrived in Berlin. The nightscape resembles that of any modern city and, with the exception of cars on the opposite side of the road, strangely spelt words and heavy accents, I feel like I could have travelled all this wayContinue reading “Hello Berlin. Will you be my friend?”